Tuesday, March 13, 2012

trying to make my mind

its been a long time that i have spent in movie industry of nepal. starting from an actor of nepal tv's first tele serial 'panchatantra', to a screenplay,dialogue writer of nepali movies, i have come a long way. how successful i was is for the history of nepali films to decide. yet, fate was kind enough for me that most of my ventures were appreciated. the audience have been kind enough to support and motivate me. in my journey as a writer of almost seventy movies, i have had no reasons to sulk. it might be a subject of discussion as to what kind of movies i have been associated with. yes, they were all of main stream. i have no regrets except few of them.

time and again, i have been offered movies as a director as well. everytime, i polietly declined the offers for my personal reason. a director needs to devote much more time to a project than a writer. a writer's job is almost done after the finalization of the script, but a director needs to be involved from the very basic concept formation till the release. i could not afford to devote almost a year for a project as a director when i could (and was) wrapping up 3-4 movies in the same time as a writer. it was a compulsion for me to establish and sustain financially as i had started my life from a big zero, leaving everything behind.

by the grace of god and acceptance of my work by the respected viwers, i am little more comfortable compared to those days now. hence, when i have received one more offer to head the project to put on a director's cap, i am seriously considering to give it a try. if things work and i do it, i dont claim to rewrite the history, shatter the record, change the trend or any such tall claims. all i can promise is an honest attempt. it will not be a senseless copy of any other films. it will not follow any set formulas. without flying heros, without songs, it would be an honest attempt of a good story telling. thats all i can promise at this stage.

hope things work out.


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