Tuesday, August 12, 2008

वर्साको गीत

Annonymous have commented on "Sometimes...." as;
Not gettin too personal… for some people loving someone might be a blunder.. but there are also some people who of someone is the treasure for their life.. that no one could ever snatch away from them and they live their entire life with the wealth of their love..treasuring it in their heart forever… So it is never a blunder but the most beautiful feeling for them which nothing can give them…correct me if i am wrong…

I agree and respect your perspective annonymous!

Last few postings have been painful. I realized that I was writing about the darker aspects of life unknowingly by posting the translations of sad songs. Who ever have been visiting my blog must have cursed me for making their mood gloomy as well. I have decided that as far as posisble, I will be talking about positive side and brighter things now onwards. As such, there is a lot of pain in people's life. Why should I be adding additional burden by talking about melancholy? In an attempt to compensate what I have done, I am posting a song of rain.

यो मौसमको पहिलो वर्साले
हिजो साँझ एक्लै रुझायो
मुहारभरि तिमीले चुमेझैं लाग्यो
पानीको थोपाले जव बिझायो

बिहानीपख चराहरू चिर्विराए झैं
कानमा मेरो आएर तिमी सुटुक्क भनिदेऊ है
मेरो सम्झनाले हिजो राति
तिम्रो पनि निन्द्रा भगायो

बिर्सिएरै, झुक्किएरै तिमीले पनि त
सम्झे मलाई कल्पे मलाई पाप त लाग्दैन
तिम्रो नाम नलिई धडकिन्छ
मेरो मात्र छाति कहाँ यो

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