Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who knows if we meet again or not

Well, I have been translating some Nepali songs in English since last few days. Translation is exhausting. Sometimes you get stuck. There is one classic,

"Phool Ko Thunga Bagera Gayo, Ganga Ko Paanima
Kahile Bhet Hola Hai Rajai Yo Jindaganima

After being stuck for almost two whole days, I made a breakthrough and I am fairly satisfied with what I have done. Below is the translation. Comments are welcome, negative or positive.

Life flows like a bunch of flowers in river
Who knows if we meet again; ever

Budding love felt
the pang of separation
and tears-the hills shed
in sunshine after a downpour

How long can I pretend to smile
concerned- my companions might
How long can I hold my tears
to cry alone later in the night

Without blinking, When I see
The eastern star staring at me
My beloved in faraway city
I guess, must be remembering me

As per the feedback I received from Mr. Sanjib Karmacharya, I am also including the Nepali text of the song too.

फूलको थुङ्गा बहेर गयो गंगाको पानीमा
कहिले भेट होला है दाजै यो जिन्दगानीमा 

झरीको पछि झुल्केको घाममा नीर झर्‌यो पहाडको 
भर्खरै प्रीति गाँसेको बेला पीर पर्‌यो बिछोडको
कहिले भेट होला है दाजै यो जिन्दगानीमा

नहाँसु भने सखीलाई पीर मै हाँसूं कसरी
रोउँला राति भनेर आँसु मै साँचूं कसरी 
कैले भेट होला है दाजै यो जिन्दगानीमा

रातमा मलाई हेर्दछ टोलाई पूर्वको ताराले
त्यो कान्तिपुरमा सपनाको सुरमा सम्झ्यो कि प्याराले
कैले भेट होला है दाजै यो जिन्दगानीमा


  1. great translation!but would have been more better if the whole nepali song would been printed..because we would have been able to compare both.the first translated paragraph is amazing!best of luck and keep it up.

  2. Brought tears in my eyes..

  3. So nice and heart touching! You are really great!!