Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music of an old house

Ever since I had heard about the 'Namuna Ghar' in Bhaktapur, I had longed to visit that place recreated by Rabindra Puri. Since I was born and brought up in an old traditional Nepali house in Tripureshwor, I have fond memories of the cosy ambiance of a traditional Nepali styled house. I am always remorseful about the fact that my father sold that old house. I always had a dream to build one such traditional house, which is unfulfilled till date.

On September 16, I was able to fix up an appointment with Rabindra to visit that place. It was a nice experience. Not only seeing the recreated house, but also meeting Rabindra who shares the same wavelength as far as Nepali tradition is concerned. He has been awarded by UNESCO for his recreation. The house looked superb after what he has done with it. The house was like a music. It was like a beautiful old song recreated in modern recording technology. Maintaining the same instruments, melody and the voice, erasing the noise, removing the hiss and scratches, making it crystal clear, Rabindra has recreated a masterpiece music in form of a building.

It made me think why we are running after ugly concrete jungle when we can have such a beautiful house. If only people built traditional houses, the city would look something else. But unfortunately, we have succumbed to the desire to be modern. Misinterpreting the term sophistication, we have made this wonderful city like an ugly duckling with unplanned construction. We have become a musk deer which does not realize the source of the fragrance, for which it roams around the jungle, is hidden within itself.

Rabindra is planning to create a 'namuna gaun' with more than 100 traditional houses in a hill near Sanga. I saw the model and it looked awesome.

I would love to own a house in that village if I can afford it financially.


  1. Please share some photographs of that hose Brazeshjee!

  2. Really??
    I would be lukin forward to seeing that house.

  3. Hi,

    Well we all know Mr.Brazesh khanal, he is One of the Icons in Nepal. The way he expressed his experince in Namuna Ghar is very beautiful. As far as users comment is concerned I can give you guys the link of official website of Mr. Rabindra Puri (Creator of Namuna Ghar). You can find lots of information and contact him regarding your visit.


    thank you.