Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wishful thinking

I happened to be the witness of a relationship ending yesterday. A person, whom I know quite well, who got married few months back. I could see the joy of starting a new phase of his life when he was about to plunge in to the matrimony. I don't know what went wrong but within a couple of months, things got sour and they decided to part their way.

it is their life and entirely their personal decision so I guess no one has any right to be judgemantal about it. But I felt bad, sad and disturbed at the end of which could have been a lifetime commitment. Committment to be there through thick and thin. Why people make a haste....

Not only the relationship of a husband or wife, I wish every other form of relationships be it between two friends, parents and children, colleagues, acquaintances should work smoothly. How wonderful this world would be if people make certain compromises to maintain the harmony. It might be easier said than done because a fire looks bright, warm and colorful from the distance but those who live with it can only feel the pain of the burnt. But still, life itself is a big compromise of several small compromises bundled together. I repeat once again that I am not being judgemental on that specific case but I felt that that couple hardly got any time to know each other before deciding to split.

Just a wishful thinking if only they had spent sometime to understand each other, maybe things would have worked out, if only they were advised to buy some more time by their respective relatives rather than provoked, the picture would have been different. I admit that these are just plain hypothetical equations I am trying to draw. But still I hope I am not being unfair in hoping that as far as possible nothing should be destroyed.

Wishful thinking...........


  1. I had read somewhere:

    "You end up making very few friends because that's the first thing you do without your parent's intervention."
    Relationship never ends or in other way relationship are killed rather ending them.

    Wishfully, everone could find a solution where end or climax would never be.....

  2. " Wishful thinking" !
    nice to think like this .

  3. Greed, Fear and Ego ! one, two or three of them are the main reasons of such break ups, I call them Tragedy.

  4. what i think is the cause of relation ending abrutly in recent days is how we are developing as society.information techonology is growing very fast.people want every thing from their due to this people have to work very hard ,this leads to reducution of time spend by couple living together.beside that it is not as past that people used to have less friend.girls have male as friends and boys have females as friend more than they used to have in if an partner finds them with others these things leads to breakage of relation.beside this we are controlled society marriage are conducted without concent of people who are being married by parents it also leads to split.beside this we are developing uncomprising culture so that if we have any dispute we generally don't discuss it is the main cause of split.

  5. for me its hard 2 make compromise in d relationship. so it would be best to be part then 2 adjust n make compromise with other....