Sunday, November 23, 2008

A wonderful day with Dr. Saroj Dhital

We spent a meaningful day on Saturday, Novemebr 23, 2008.
We had visited Dr. Saroj Dhital's place in Hattigaunda. He has a very attractive and beautiful house there. The ambience itself is serene over there.

Although he is a realtive of ours, the credit to renew the connection goes to a common friend Aavaas. To cut short a long story, we have been busy in our own respective day to day life and had not met properly. It was through Aavas, the gap was erased.

Dr. Dhital is a multi facet personality. A well known surgeon of the country, his keen interest in literature, philosophy and life makes him apart. We had gone for a brief visit but ended up spending the entire day with him and his wonderful family.

He was generous enough to take us for a short hike around the area. I was surprised to see the diverse terrains of the area. We could experience the beauty of a country side so very near to the city. We took a route which took us through rice fields, small hills, clean rivers and ancient town of Tokha.

Conversation which ranged from family matters, human relations, political/social scenario, art, literature and even religions not to forget medical were meaningful and constructive. After a really long time we could feel that we had a wonderful day. That was what I SMSed him in the evening after reaching home,
"Thank a lot for a wonderful day"

And pat came the reply,
"You made it"

Do I need to say more?

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  1. agree with mr dhital that you are a wonderful human.