Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ambitions beyond capabilities

The history has proved that when someone has ambitions beyond their capabilities, it has always ended in harming that individual. Also, the side effects of the senseless ambition sweeps away a lot others along with its flood. Still ambitions have no limit. Those who can not set their priorities as to how much they should desire result in collapsing big time. Normally people who get more than they deserve are the ones to crave for more and more.

Sujata Koirala's ambition to become a Deputy Prime Minister and Girija's blind support for that is alarming. They must have thought when the whole country is practising pressure politics to achieve logical-illogical demands, they can get away with it as well. Growing dissatisfaction within the party has not been able to get Girija's ear. He reminds me of Dhritarashtra of Mahabharat. The only difference is Duryodhan has a sex change this time and comes in as a woman. When women have been adamant, they have altered the course of history fpr the worse. History is full of examples like that. Kaikayee's hunger for power shaped up the Ramayan differently.

Minister of foreign affairs holding the official visit of a Prime Minster in ransom to get the portfolio of DyPM and missing it is an example of stupidity and negligence. Girija Prasad Koirala is once again risking his fame for the blind love towards his daughters. They should  convince the party and the public as to how Sujata Koirala should be a DyPM and justify her contribution and capability, not that they should go for pressure politics. Why everyone is looking after their petty interests and jeopardizing the peace process and constitution making?

Maybe the father was trying to gift his daughter on upcoming Father's day to be an example of a perfect dad. Will someone tel him that a leader of his stature should try to be the father of the whole country? It is upto him how he wants the histroy to remember him. If dad-daughter duo go on like this, they will be mentioned as Kaikayee and Dhritarashtra of our time.

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