Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reasons Unknown

Although my creative writing has gained momentum in recent times, I still have not been able to wrap up the draft of my novel. I don't know the exact reason but something is distracting me. I have been keeping up with my regular column in Nepal weekly and regularly writing for Kantipur and Nagarik. Yet, when it comes to the completion of my novel, it's stuck where it was. Only a small portion is remaining and I have not been able to write it.


  1. Brazesh dai,

    All the best for your novel. I have enjoyed your work (mostly acting and screenplay) that I am familiar with. I am sure the ending of the novel will come by and by. As you know, it may just be germinating under the subconscious. our work is to just "din dinai balchi halne ho, pari halchha ni ".

    Good luck, dai.
    your admirer