Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chasing the Mirage

Few moments back, I went up to the rooftop. Jakkhu, a Tibetan mastiff looked at me with adoring eyes as always. He is four months old now and 17 inches tall. He was just one month old and was 10 inches when we brought him. He is believed to grow up to 27 inches.

Jakkhu has a routine and he strictly adheres to it. Every morning, after the dawn breaks, he needs something to eat. Before that, he heads out to pee and defecate. He has a regular spot out there in the field. We feed him corn flour as per the vet's suggestion. He can not have meat till he is 6 months. Immediately after eating, he climbs the stairs towards the rooftop. He stays there, plays, sleeps in the warm sun, moves towards the shadow of the garden swing which we have kept there when he is hot. Drinks water, chews a really big chew bone and plays with a ball which squeaks when pressed. We feed him again at around 1. When the dusk starts spreading its shadow, Jakkhu starts barking and scratching the door. That's the signal he wants to come down. He has a basket near the stairs. He sits there, looks towards the kitchen and barks. He needs food at about 6. After which, he needs to go out, pee and defecate. Then he comes inside, coils himself in the basket and sleeps.
When I watch him playing with the ball, chewing the bone and spend his whole day in the roof top, I sometimes wonder these little things are enough for him to be happy. But, we human beings need so many things to be happy. The more we achieve, the more we yearn for and none of us is happy or content of what we have. We spend our entire life chasing after the mirage of achievements, one after other.
Wish we could be happy with small things too.

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  1. आत्मसन्तुष्टी!

    That's the main thing lack in human being.........

    We are proud to be called "Rational Being" to ourselves.... but we human being never learnt to be happy with the things what we have but we are after what we don't have........

    In that process we make our life a race.... a never ending race.......

    Loved the way you described the activity of Jakkhu :-)

    ~ R