Friday, March 2, 2012

customer experience

service providers, be that of any type should take utmost care for customer experience. alas, most of them in nepal just dont care about it. their attitude is as if they are doing us consumers a favor by providing the service for which we pay.

had a similar experience at hero honda's service station at baal kumari. since my daughter's exams were going on, she had requested me to take her scooter for servicing. i was told that unless i reach there by 8 AM, it would not be entertained. when i reached there, a sour faced guard was listing vehicles. i was on no 7. then he ordered me to come at 10 again. i asked him why cant i leave the vehicle then?. he said the mechanic arrives at 10 and he will listen to problems. i said that i had no problem, just regular servicing was required. but he said i had to come again at 10. on top of that, it seemed that he was confident tahat a year would be deducted from his lifeline for one smile.

is this the way you do business? making things complicated and difficult for your customers? you guys should know that its us who do a favor to you by using your products not vice versa. the day we stop it, you will be out of business.


  1. so true dai.. some one needs to plant the importance of customer service in Nepalese businessman's head.

  2. They do not have business idea... They think they are doing favor... pathetic!