Monday, March 19, 2012

the image we are projecting

State Minister for Health and Population Saroj Kumar Yadav, all drunk, misbehaved with doctors at the emergency ward of Bir Hospital on Sunday night. He verbally abused Dr Binita Joshi and threatened to “kick” and sack her, according to witnesses.

although i have mentally prepared myself for not being surprised, shocked, aghast and frustrated by any news anymore in this country, i am worried. if we look at the recent acts of leaders, ministers, high ranking authorities of various fields, we feel ashamed. ministers ignornat that they need a visa to travel in a foreign country, involved in criminal activities, corruption and abuse of their authority have been making news.

we know how a minister is made in our country. we know what it takes to get appointed to various high ranking positions. but, all those in the world are unaware of the facts. for them, such people are supposed to be the best of their respective fields. in this regard, how would they be judging or evaluating nepal and general nepalese? what is the image are they projecting to the world?

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