Friday, February 1, 2013

Alluring Addiction

There is one very interesting definition of cigarette. It says "Tobacco rolled pipe of a paper which has fire on one side and a fool on the other." Indeed, only a fool smokes. Before every smokers reading this plan to demonstrate against me, let me admit that I am one of them.  It is such a bad habit, is very addictive and very hard to quit. I have tried to give it up and have succeeded several times. Quitting smoking is so easy that a smoker does it frequently and keeps on doing so.
We all know about the adverse effect it has on our health. We also know that passive smokers are at larger risks. Yet, we smoke for various reasons. We are under the illusion that it helps to get over anxiety or tension. We also have a false notion that writers get ideas by smoking. These are all absurd. Lame excuses found by us fools who smoke and tamper with our throat and lungs. Smoking kills more than anything else everywhere around the world.
This human body we own is a temple and we should keep it clean. Our life is very important for our family, society, country and the world. Therefore every country has taken the campaign to lessen the number of smokers very seriously. Direct or indirect methods to discourage one from smoking are implemented. Restriction is strictly adhered in public places. Alas, we are not very serious about it. Recently, I was amazed to find a certain brand of cigarette coming up with a special festival pack. Launched for Dashain and Tihaar, the packet has beautiful and attractive pictures of a bamboo swing, Achhyeta and flowers. How alluring and yet how very insensitive at the same time.
It made me remember my recent trip to Thailand. Only certain shops are allowed to sell cigarettes. You have to travel a long distance to acquire a cigarette pack. Even then, the box has disturbing and gruesome pictures of cancer patients. Decayed teeth, gums and cancer affected lungs are displayed. You do not feel like buying it. It helps a smoker to lessen the addiction and gradually quit. Interestingly, we allow manufacturers to make the box as attractive as they can. Why do we have to go against anything sensible? I agree that revenue collected by the government from tobacco manufacturers is pretty high. Is that the sole reason they are least bothered about the public health? The law to punish those smoking in public places was announced with much fanfare and like every other thing, was not continued. Now we can see smokers freely consuming the slow poison near hospital, schools and other sensitive areas.
I am not blaming the government for me not being able to quit. But, a few stern directives against this killer could definitely help to save a lot of lives. I wish to quit and need support whatsoever. If you smoke, join me in quitting today. It is hard but not impossible. Several chronic smokers have succeeded. Why not us?

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