Monday, January 6, 2014

Never Say Sorry Again

Recently, I nearly proved the medical science to be wrong. It says a human body has two hundred and six pieces of bones. I was about to break that record by breaking few of mines into smaller pieces. Unfortunately it could not happen. I was on a motorcycle and completely on my side. Suddenly a four wheeler appeared like magic from around a corner, completely on wrong side. He seemed to have a turbo engine fixed. His speed was terrifying. It appeared that there was no way I could avoid the head to head crash. Still, I stood on the brakes and he mirrored my action. Miracle saved me. I was infuriated. If that person could impersonate Michael Schumacher on a busy road with heavy traffic, I could impersonate Mike Tyson out of rings. Suddenly the person grinned from one ear to other and uttered a magical five letter word, 
I stepped back. How can I fight with a person who just grinned and said sorry. Before I could decide my next step of action, he had vanished. How easy it is to say sorry. Yet most of the times we do not say it. Looking at the other side of the picture, what is in a sorry? What can a mere word do? Can it lessen the harm or hurt caused by some words or deeds earlier? I agree that it helps to lessen the dire consequences; but isn’t it a false solace?
Let us look at the recent case of Govinda Mainali. He was accused of a rape and murder which he did not commit in Japan and imprisoned for fifteen years. He kept shouting he was innocent which fell in deaf ears. A prominent nonfiction writer Schinichi Sano even penned a book named 'Tokyo Electric Power Co. Office Lady Murder Case'. It was published in 2000 and no need to say made a lot of money as it became a best seller. Finally, the truth emerged, Mainali was proved innocent and the Japanese high court used the same five letter word, sorry. Sorry to ask, but will it bring back those years he had to spend in your jail? Will a sorry compensate the trauma he and his family had to go through because of your earlier prejudiced and adamant stubbornness?
A sorry cannot heal the scars of anguish. It cannot change, edit or delete whatever has happened. Life is not a Microsoft word file. Once you type, it is permanently printed. Not on paper but on the psyche of another person. Your words or action might completely alter someone else's course of life. Hence, we should try not to make mistakes, hurt or harm people so that we do not need to use the shallow word. Sorry means nothing. Make no foul moves and never say sorry again.

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