Friday, July 31, 2015

Passion of a Baker

Almost a year back, a new local bakery opened in our locality. I believe the man has returned from staying abroad in some foreign country for quite a long time. He has a small set up of an electric baking unit and his loaf of breads have become very popular in short time. They are fresh, soft and taste great. 

One thing I have noticed while buying breads from him is his passion for baking the breads. I swear I can see a sense of content in his eyes when he pulls the fresh loafs out from the oven. While he makes the slices, he is so tender and delicate with the long knife. Its almost like an art. I can almost hear music while he makes the equal pieces of the loaf with precision of a seasoned surgeon. He pats the loaf and packs them in plastic dlicately. 

Yesterday, he was not in the shop. His young son was filling in for him. I was so sad to see him pulling out the loaf veru roughly and banging it on the table. He was very rough while making the slices. The slices were not even. Some were thicker than the others and not perfectly cut. 

Most people would not even notice it, but I missed the passion and the precision of the old baker. 

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