Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh Tenzing

Few days back, i happened to be a part of the audience of a special program. Aavaas, a musical scholar, composer and singer was singing. The venue was Embassy of India. Occassion, unofficially to bid farewell to Indian Ambassador.

Apart from many other songs he sang, I remember one right now is,
"Oh Tenzing maile yo prem ko pahad kahile naghne hola?"

If you try to go deep behind the meaning as I did, it says a lot. The most difficult height to scale is not Mount Everest, it is the height of love, emotion and affection. You have to give a lot. You have to empty yourself in love and the sad part is, the other person might not even realize the value of what you have sacrificed. The world has become so materialistic and so are the people.

The pahad of maya has become taller and taller. So when aavaas was asking with Tenzing "maile yo maya ko pahad kahile naghne hola?" I sincerely wished that someone would definitely volunteer to answer this. Aavaas, there are lot many people who are seeking the answer along with you. If you get an answer to this quesytion, please share it with me at least.

"Prem ko pahad kahile naghne hola?" 

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