Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Remembering Talat Mehmood

Its been long since I went through my music collection and listened to any of my favorites. Suddenly I remembered a song by Talat Mehmood which says,
"Harek mod se milta hai raasta koi
Nazar to dhoond hi leta hai aasra koi"

Life has unpredicatble twists and turns. It seems so true that there must be a new path to be explored after each bends. Life has to move on, it can never go back. I sometimes wonder why life plays strange games with us? Why do we have to face sharp unexpected bends and adjust to new lanes? Why life can not be a simple straight journey?

There are certain people who can easily adapt to the new lane and move ahead cheerfully. And there are other people who find it difficult to adjust. Also there are people who can not simply prepare themselves to forget things easily and move on. To those people, committment, promises, shared moments and dreams woven together matter above everything else. They are ruled by their heart, not their brain. Brain is calculative, its decisions are ruthless wheras heart never calculates pros and cons. It knows nothing apart from emotion.

People who are ruled by their heart are often ridiculed, branded impractical and emotional fools. But that is the way they are. They suffer alone. When they believe in someone or somthing, they believe in totality. When their belief is shattered, they are devastated.

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