Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All of a sudden....

All of a sudden, in box of my email started showing more traffic. I was surprised to find mails from school friends, who have been out of touch for a long time. I was so happy to get an email from Brijesh. Brijesh Adhikari is my childhood friend. He has achieved a lot in life, he is completing his PhD currently. Wow, I will have to call him Dr. Adhikari after sometime. If you happen to re visit my blog and read this, let me tell you that I am so happy for your achievements. I feel as if I have achieved them. We have been friends form class four in school. There are so many fond memories of our friendship. Everything came back to me and for once, I felt that I was back in my school days.

(If only we could really go back to various chapters of our life and correct our least I want to edit and re write several chapters, make it better, pleasant for myself, for others. I wish I could erase the hurt I have caused unintentionally to people who really matter for me. But life never gives you such opportunities.)

Also were there mails from people with whom my paths crossed sometime or other while I was in various assignments. I was surprised at this sudden interest of people in me till one of the mails said that they reached my blog through ""

I checked my to find that they had included a posting of my blog about Nepali time. In fact I was not in a mood to make my blog official for some time. I was, and am still confused how to take it ahead. but now, (no) thanks to mysansar, I am compelled to decide fast. I will have to write everyday. The hit counter of my blog has also increased like Koshi river's water level.

Being an optimist who tries to look at the positive side of everything as far as possible, I have decided in a way whatever has happened, has happened for good. I will try to write everyday and share my feelings with my friends, foes and people who might have known me. I guess I should be thankful to Mr. Salokya of mysansar, though I would have appreciated if he had consulted me before posting my article. There is one thing more I need to clear. has credited me for "probably being the first person from art field to blog." Me and my friend aavaas, who is a music scholar, writer, composer and singer started blogging together. His blog is

Let me experience a new feeling of blogging regularly when I reach home after a hard days work.

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  1. It is good to be renowned for good things...
    Congrats!!This is your achievement..because friends mean a lot..