Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FF, the football fever

Football fever has caught me totally. It seems agess that I have slept properly. Waiting for the late night game, fiddling with my laptop, doing some writing, going through facebook, twitter and FIFA site, then watching the game till 2 AM has been regular. I cant sleep in the day time. Its a big problem. But, cant miss any games.

It needs full dedication and stamina of all 11 players for the whole 90 minutes. Sometimes 120 minutes to stay in the game or win it. But, it takes just one moment of silly mistake, lack of concentration of 1 player to lose. The same was witnessed in the game of Japan and Paraguay. One penalty missed and it washed away the dreams of whole Asia. That is fottball.

Even our life is like that. It takes a lot to create, achieve and maintain things. Be it professional, personal, emotional and relationships. If we miss one penalty, everything might collapse like a building of playing cards.

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