Monday, January 6, 2014

True Lies

A smart chap got in a fix. He was around Ratnapark area of Kathmandu when he got a call on his cell phone. He had to avoid the person calling, yet not ignore the call. He decided to take advantage of the technology and informed that he was in Pokhara. His lie would have worked if not for a khalasi of a micro-bus behind who was shouting as loud as his vocal chords would permit,
We all lie; sometime or other in everyday life. Have you ever wondered how many such small lie makes our one day? Is it possible to spend a day without uttering a single lie? Small or big, innocent or not, harmless or harmful, beneficial or not, relevant or not, necessary or not but we still lie. You have to skip from workspace for some personal matter. The matter could be very important for you. However, your supervisor might not feel it. Then one of your relatives has to fall ill, break his leg, meet with an accident or even die depending upon the duration of your requirement. 
We jump to acquire new technologies and facilities. In terms of communication we are always running to keep at par with new inventions, sleeker smart phones, wireless internet and all. Then, have you ever thought why no one is interested to activate the video call facility in their mobile? It has been introduced for couple of years and we are not interested. Because we want privacy and with a video call facility activated, we cannot lie. How can you tell your boss that you are in a meeting with some potential client when you are having a cozy lunch with your girlfriend? How can you tell your wife that a flat tube of your vehicle is keeping you away when you are clinking glasses with your buddies?
We have to admit that we all have a lot to hide. Look at it the other way; if everything were transparent, would we be happier? Definitely not. We are happy with assumptions and our own conclusions. If they are snatched away, we suffer. Not all the truth is for revealing. Harmless lies are like those bacteria which fight for our immunity. We lie for ourselves and we do it for others. For, people do not want to hear the truth, especially if it is a bitter one.
A person trying not to lie suffers a lot. Can u tell your boss that he looks like an idiot in his new attire? Can you tell your friend that her boyfriend looks like a jerk? Can you tell anyone that their children are badly behaved bunch of rascals even after they smash your precious vase?

However, lies which have adverse effects on others should not be defended. Misguiding a country, fooling people, harming a larger amount of people, resulting to negative impacts, resulting for personal benefit at other's cost and lies which will destroy other's life should not be encouraged. But, few innocent lie here and there are part of our everyday life. When you cannot avoid it, you should enjoy it.

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