Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tiny treasures of life

We tend to forget the importance of tiny little things in life. Its human nature. It is not that we do not realize its value, but sometimes we take certain things for granted in life. In relationships too, we take things for granted after sometime. We should refrain from doing so. Because when we take things for granted, we might be hurting the sentiments of the other person unknowingly, unintentionally.

We should try to cherish small things and small gestures from the other person. These small moments, small things make a big difference in life.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Other Side Of The Picture

I woke up with the sound of rain this morning. It was pouring heavily. With a cup of tea in my hand, I came out to the small verendah attached to my bed room and I saw a small teddy bear there. It was washed and kept their for drying.

I remember that we had bought it when our daughter Shayesta was about 2 years old. She was fast asleep when we reached home. We thought that she would be pleasantly surprised to see it upon waking up. So we put in the bed, near to her. A relative paid a visit and we were talking in the bedroom itself. When Shayesta woke up, she saw the relative first and the teddy. She assumed that the teddy was a gift from that relative. When later we said that it was us who brought it for her, she refused to believe.

She was an innocent child. But In life even mature people sometimes suffer from such confusions. The circumstances lead to misunderstanding and the way Shayesta found it difficult to accept the fact, we tend to believe in what is seen directly.

But there are other side of the picture too. Every coin has two sides.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Darkness is just absence of light..................

22:42 HRS

..................Let the light keep going, brightness is yours.

This is not my line. I have borrowed it from a friend. It is amazing that someone can be so positive in life. I admire that friend of mine who radiates positive energy all the time.

In my previous post I had talked about Talat's song, "Harek mod se milta hai rasta koi."

It reallly is the ultimate truth. In life, everyone has to travel through dark tunnels. Sometimes the tunnels are longer, sometimes shorter. When going through the pitch darkness, you can see a small dot in front of you. That dot is the light coming from the other end of the tunnel. Sometimes, even if you do not see that point, you should not be discouraged. It has to appear, sooner or later. You just have to keep moving ahead. The longer the tunnel, the smaller the dot. It might be as small as a needle point. But as you move ahead the dot becomes brighter and bigger.

When you reach the other end, VOILA! You see the sunshine.

Everyone goes through a dark tunnel, that is part of life and everyone sees a tiny bright spot sooner or later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh Tenzing

Few days back, i happened to be a part of the audience of a special program. Aavaas, a musical scholar, composer and singer was singing. The venue was Embassy of India. Occassion, unofficially to bid farewell to Indian Ambassador.

Apart from many other songs he sang, I remember one right now is,
"Oh Tenzing maile yo prem ko pahad kahile naghne hola?"

If you try to go deep behind the meaning as I did, it says a lot. The most difficult height to scale is not Mount Everest, it is the height of love, emotion and affection. You have to give a lot. You have to empty yourself in love and the sad part is, the other person might not even realize the value of what you have sacrificed. The world has become so materialistic and so are the people.

The pahad of maya has become taller and taller. So when aavaas was asking with Tenzing "maile yo maya ko pahad kahile naghne hola?" I sincerely wished that someone would definitely volunteer to answer this. Aavaas, there are lot many people who are seeking the answer along with you. If you get an answer to this quesytion, please share it with me at least.

"Prem ko pahad kahile naghne hola?" 

Remembering Talat Mehmood

Its been long since I went through my music collection and listened to any of my favorites. Suddenly I remembered a song by Talat Mehmood which says,
"Harek mod se milta hai raasta koi
Nazar to dhoond hi leta hai aasra koi"

Life has unpredicatble twists and turns. It seems so true that there must be a new path to be explored after each bends. Life has to move on, it can never go back. I sometimes wonder why life plays strange games with us? Why do we have to face sharp unexpected bends and adjust to new lanes? Why life can not be a simple straight journey?

There are certain people who can easily adapt to the new lane and move ahead cheerfully. And there are other people who find it difficult to adjust. Also there are people who can not simply prepare themselves to forget things easily and move on. To those people, committment, promises, shared moments and dreams woven together matter above everything else. They are ruled by their heart, not their brain. Brain is calculative, its decisions are ruthless wheras heart never calculates pros and cons. It knows nothing apart from emotion.

People who are ruled by their heart are often ridiculed, branded impractical and emotional fools. But that is the way they are. They suffer alone. When they believe in someone or somthing, they believe in totality. When their belief is shattered, they are devastated.