Saturday, May 17, 2008

Other Side Of The Picture

I woke up with the sound of rain this morning. It was pouring heavily. With a cup of tea in my hand, I came out to the small verendah attached to my bed room and I saw a small teddy bear there. It was washed and kept their for drying.

I remember that we had bought it when our daughter Shayesta was about 2 years old. She was fast asleep when we reached home. We thought that she would be pleasantly surprised to see it upon waking up. So we put in the bed, near to her. A relative paid a visit and we were talking in the bedroom itself. When Shayesta woke up, she saw the relative first and the teddy. She assumed that the teddy was a gift from that relative. When later we said that it was us who brought it for her, she refused to believe.

She was an innocent child. But In life even mature people sometimes suffer from such confusions. The circumstances lead to misunderstanding and the way Shayesta found it difficult to accept the fact, we tend to believe in what is seen directly.

But there are other side of the picture too. Every coin has two sides.

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