Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being a kid again

Ujwal, the security guard of my office was in a bit relaxed mood as it was Saturday. He was giving a cycle ride to a small kid of about 6 inside the office compound. As I watched, I noticed the happiness and joy in the small kid's face. She was so happy and glowing from inside as Ujwal was making round circles.

The happiness in the child's face was so beautiful that I could not move my eyes away from her cheerful face and watched them for a long time. It needs very small things and gestures from others to make you happy. We all were like that when we were kids. We all became happy in small things. But as we grew older, as we became more mature and more sensible, we all forgot being hapy in small things. Consciously or unconsciously we started to set higher standards for being happy. We all started expecting more and more from life and suddenly small things did not matter.

We aim for bigger things, our wants and needs become unlimited and higher. The more higher our expectation form life, the lesser the chances of them getting fulfilled. The lesser the chances of them being fulfilled, the more gloomy and unhappy we become.

Why don't we look at what we have in life and be happy like the kid? Why do we look at what others have in life and become gloomy? Why don't we look at what others don't have in life to feel better? Is this the price of becoming mature and sensible? We all have that kid inside us. It is just that we let that kid disappear in the maze of of our limitless desires.

I wanted to become and remain a kid today. i know it is easier said than done but if we control our desires, we can be happier. I decided that at least I will give it a try.

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