Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shanti didi and Dilip sir

Past week has been unique. It has been like a roller-coaster ride to my childhood. All of a sudden lots of old childhood memories flooded. Many childhood friends came in contact and made me feel like a child again. Yet another fond memory of a dear respected teacher emerged due to Shanti Thatal didi.
Shanti Thatal, a very well known music composer and singer from Darjeeling is in Kathmandu to sing in Paleti Concert Series for September.

While talking to her, when she came to know that I studied in AVM, she mentioned that her youngest brother used to teach there long ago. I was curious and asked the name. When hse said it was Dilip sir, I found myself travelling once gain down the memory lane. Dilip sir was our science teacher in class 4-5. He was very friendly and loving. Harish Chandra Michael sir and Dilip sir were a funny duo. There was a famous hindi film song,
"fir na kehna Michael daru pee ke danga karta hai."

Dilip sir used to teach Michael sir with this song and Michael sir would sing it like,
"fir na kehna Dilip daru pee ke danga karta hai."

I remember once Ajay Nepal (Who passed away couple of years back and I hope is in peace wherever he is) had written a funny shayaree at the end of his science exams paper,
"jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi,
babu driver chhora khalasi
truck ko number teen saya chhaurasi."

Dilip sir deducted five marks after reading out the shayaree in the class.

Those were the days....when we were carefree, stupid, ignorant, childish and yet......pure at heart. The more we grow up and become mature, the world corrupts us. We become more practical, responsible and sensible. And in that course the innocent child within us disappears. But when such memories come, when we come across childhood friends or school teachers, we hallucinate to be a child again and feel good for some time.

If only we could be a child forever........


  1. Nice narration! Traveling down the childhood memory lane is always interesting and funny.

  2. hello! Its nice to know that u own this blog. I thought of different person brajesh (may be) but not u brajesh khanal. LOL
    talking abt AVM and the cultural programs, i used to be abt 5 batch junior to u. I dont remember the Michel chand or the Dilip sir may be they were there when we were in tin barred classes of Primary Section and at that time, we were not allowed to hopp arround the middle and high school sections.
    But i still remeber the dance of urs and sujita (Pincipal's daughter) "Jeena Pyar Wahi Pyar Bina, Jeevan Ke Do Char dina" hope u too remember the song and it used to be our only time pass when u two used to reharsal in the old hall above the library; as we would have no option rather than to see the dance while waiting for the second trip bus to go back home.
    Yeah its nostalgic all the time if a flicker of thoughts of those old days of School life pass by.

  3. hi,
    it's around 11.37 pm here in bangalore(india)and we all know that my dad(Mr Dilip singh Thatal)so cald Dilip sir by all his students back nepal is not a celebrity but still i typed his name in google search and i was surprised to find an article written by his old student about my dad...The only word to describe this is "Sweet"..i am sure that if mr Ajay Nepal would have come up with that shayaree "“jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi,
    babu driver chhora khalasi
    truck ko number teen saya chhaurasi.” now then rather deducting baba would have give him 5 more marks.....hahahahahaha..Thank you for remembering my sweet dad..god bless you all.

  4. Hi Brazesh,
    Thanks for writing regarding our beloved teacher, Dilip Sir. Lots of old school days crossed my mind. Dilip Sir saved my father's life from Honda Motorcycle accident just in front of Inaar (Old AVM, now a Hotel Himal?), I don't exactly remember but I think I was in class 3 or 4 at that time. Dilip Sir and some tourists who happened to traveling by bicycle at that time helped my father, did all the necessary treatment at the hospital and brought my father safely to our home. Rahul Thatal give my regards and once again say "Thankyou so much for helping my father, who is no longer now but I am sure too must be very happy to know about this somewhere flying in the sky of heaven.

    One of your old friend from AVM 2038 batch.

    Sudarshan, Tokyo