Saturday, June 13, 2009

SAINO-2 might not happen

Sequal to Saino might not happen.  Had a long chain of 'mailcussion' with Ugyen. He wants to go for a new subject, something vibrant, entertaining, gripping, set against real life like characters, full of emotion, wit and humor. Also had few 'phonecussion' with Prajjwal SJB Rana of eyecore films; the producers.

So I am back to square again, tying to concieve a subject, desperately need a breakthrough right now.

एकै टेकमा तीन अन्तरा

कान्तिपुर कोसेलीमा प्रकाशित बम्बै, २०...... गति रोधक पुढे आहे सडकको किनारामा ट्राफिकको सूचना गाडिएको बोर्डमा मराठीमा लेखिएको थियो, ...