Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Optimism, a mirage toaday

I still am to recover from what happened yesterday. In fact, a day, which seemed to start in a perfect note, suddenly turned sour. The news of poet Bhim Birag's news at about 9:30 was sad enough due to my personal acquaintance with him. Hardly had I consoled myself from that sad news, alarming news of a bomb blast at NOC headquarters was received. Killed three innocent people and injured several others. The city is not safe. made me wonder what do such fanatics achieve by performing such cowardice. On top of that we are destined to accept eunuch governments one after another. The country is going to worse from bad in every aspect. People are suffering from every possible angle. More dire days are suspected to come. Harmony between Nepalese has vaporized and vanished somewhere. I prefer to believe that I am an optimist. I try to see positive in anything. But, will anyone guide me now where and what positive can i find in today's scenario?
I am deeply disturbed and worried for our future.

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