Monday, January 6, 2014

Customer (Dis)Satisfaction

We must have heard or read about a mythological cow named Kamadhenu. Such was the generosity of the cow that you could milk her all the time and she would keep on producing. We must have, sometimes, smirked at the notion of such a cow. How is it possible that a cow would keep on providing uninterrupted and any amount of milk forever? Well if we look at us carefully, the mythology will become a reality. We all are modern day's Kamadhenu.
I had to get out the warmth of my house early in the morning for some urgent work. Then I realized I had to meet my deadline to submit this column too. Then I saw a restaurant in Jhamsikhel proudly displaying of free Wi-Fi. What else could I ask for? I ordered some coffee and breakfast. I asked for the Wi-Fi key, which a grinning attendant provided. I tried to connect but failed. Upon asking him the reason, he grinned broader and said, "The router does not work as there is no electricity."
I had no option than to wait for the sacred supply of electricity. Even after that, I was not able to connect. This time he said, "The router does not work all the time. It is out of order." I came to know that I needed all my luck at my side -which was not that morning- to get the internet connection. I wanted to ask them, "why promise of something which cannot be ascertained?"
All over the world, service providers are very particular about a phrase called customer satisfaction. The age old business mantra "keep the customers happy and they will keep you in business" is taken very seriously everywhere. One false move, one careless action and you might lose your share of market at the blink of an eye.
However, we, at Nepal, being proud specimen of against the world, care a damn. We have customer dissatisfaction rather. Have we ever noticed how we have been cheated in the name of services?  We do not get the promised service and yet we pay. Anyone is free to come up with innovative ideas to make money at the consumer's cost. Telecom, Internet Service providers, electricity authority, banks, finance companies, housing and apartment developers, foreign employment agencies and every other name we can think of are openly taking us for ride.  Filtered water is provided in plastic jars in the name of mineral water. Restaurants food joints are free to play with public health. Internet service provider claims to allow you unlimited use on per month basis. You pay in advance and never get the said band-width. Motorcycle seller promises of certain amount of free servicing. What they do is wash your vehicle and deliver. Even to keep that in a queue, you face a lot of problem. I had one such experience when I went to get my daughter's scooter serviced.

We neither have the will nor the place to express our customer dissatisfaction. 

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