Monday, June 9, 2008

When we are selfish

Last night, I was watching the football match between Germany & Poland. It was a tough competition. Its part of the game that some team has to win. I noticed a major problem in the players of Poland, whenever they got the ball inside the D box of the opponents, the player having the control of the ball tried to score himself. It happened repeatedly where as Germans detached themself from that personal greed. They played for the team. The result was obvious, Germany won 2-0.

Even in life, we tend to surrender to the temptation of scoring and most of the times and forget we too have a team. The team can be a family, bunch of our friends or even a single person who is equivalent to a whole team, a whole world, universe or everything for us.

When we play for our team, provide them with opportunity to score in life, the final victory is ours. But most of the times, we are playing individual games. That will ultimately make everyone loose. So we have to get over the personal feeling, play with them, play for them, like a team. Then only can we win the game of life.  

But it is a very hard sometimes to decide which is our team, whom to play with and play for. If we make the mistake in identifying, we will end up ruining ourself & our team. In that case the people we think whom we are trying to make happy by sacrificing the opportunity to score will also achieve nothing. How can they be happy when we are making ourself unhappy. Such sacrifices are meaningles.

Believe me, life is a very tough game to play.

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