Thursday, August 7, 2008


Encouraged by positive responses, I am including 2 more translations of classics by Phatteman and Kumar Subba.

A friend of mine, after reading these two translations, asked me,
"Why such 'frustru' songs only?"

Well these are the songs I am translating right now so I guess I do not have choice. I thought for a while to realize that there is a majority of sad songs in Nepal.  And most of the songs which have done good, liked by people and popular are sad ones. Is it because there is sadness in people's life? Is it because majority of the people are betrayed? Or is it because writers and singers are over sensitive and they suffer more than normal people emotionally?

Why there is more melancholy and tears around us than joy and smiles? Why there are more stories of unfulfilled desires than complete relationships in this world? Who does not want to write songs of joy and sing them? If only the world was a better place, if only people could have learnt to understand and respect other person's sentiments, then I would have been translating some merrier emotions and would have felt very happy about it. The writers and singers of these songs might have suffered from their own pain while creating them but believe me, even for me it was painful translating them because I could relate to their anguish and sorrow.

How I wish there were more happiness in the world. How I wish.......... 

loving someone could be a blunder

many others will  love you
many heart will bleed for you
to be mine, I mistook a stranger
loving someone could be a blunder

may your wishes fulfill & your love bloom
though you ignored my love;  shattered my desire
no longer can dream,  my eyes full of gloom
loving someone could be a blunder

यस्तो पनि हुँदो रैछ जिन्दगीमा कैले कैले
कसैलाई माया गर्नु एउटा भूल गरें मैले 

मेरो जस्तो माया दिने तिमीलाइ हजार होलान्
तिम्रा लागि मेरा जस्ता हजार हजार मुटु रोलान्
जसलाई आफ्नो सम्झेको थें उही विरानो भयो अहिले
कसैलाई माया गर्नु एउटा भुल गरें मैले  

मेरो माया कुल्चिजाने तिम्रो माया फलोस फूलोस्
मेरो इच्छा मारिजाने तिम्रो इच्छा सधै पुगोस्
उदास आँखा मेरा पनि सपना देख्थे पहिले पहिले
कसैलाई माया गर्नु एउटा भुल गरें मैले

I've been sowing
the buds of love in my heart,
for my love to return

holding my tears, anticipating the dawn
remembering her the whole night
making a place for her to dwell
I've been holding together
the pieces of my cracked heart

gazing towards the horizon
Like a static mountain
neither did I melt with tears,
fell with downpour, froze with stone
nor blew like dry leaves
preserving the aroma
like an immortal flower
I've kept alive
for my soul to return

मेरी रानी फर्की आउली भन्दा भन्दै मैले 
छाती भरी पीरतिको फूल गुथी राखें 

रातभरि याद आयो यादै साँची राखें
बिहान पनि होला भनी आँशु थामी राखें
मेरो माया बस्न आउली भन्दाभन्दै मैले
चर्किएको मुटु पनि जोडीजोडी राखें

झरी जस्तो झरिनं म आँशु जस्तो पग्लिनं 
पर्वतको छोरो जस्तो क्षितिज हेरी रहें
ढुङ्गा जस्तो जमिनं म पत्कर जस्तो उडिनं
अजम्बरी फूल जस्तो वास्ना साँची राखें
मेरो आत्मा फर्की आउली भन्दा भन्दै मैले 
माटो जस्तो देह पनि पालीपाली राखें

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  1. Not gettin too personal... for some people loving someone might be a blunder.. but there are also some people who of someone
    is the treasure for their life.. that no one could ever snatch away from them and they live their entire life with the wealth of their love..treasuring it in their heart forever... So it is never a blunder but the most beautiful feeling for them which nothing can give them...correct me if i am wrong...