Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who needs a heart of gold?

While listening to popular artiste Madan Krishna Shrestha practising for his solo concert in Paleti, my attention was drawn by a particular song,
He Bhagwan Mero Khalti Ko Ghaau.......

It is not that I have heard this song, composed and performed in a light comical mood for the first time. But I don't know why, I found myself exploring the deeper and more serious side of the song. Some lines say,

धनको कमीमा मान्छे, भएका छन बिल्लीबाठ
धनले नै दिन्छ आखिर, सबलाई गाँस र बास
जसलाई धनले पच्छ्याउँछ, रुपवान ऊ गनिन्छ
धन भएमा मुर्खै पनि,बिद्वानमा गनिन्छ

I found myself wondering if money and wealth was so important in life. I was alarmed to get to the conclusion it really was. There is nothing in this materialistic world without money.  Maybe this is the reason people go to any extent to be rich. People betray anyone or slit other person's throat (literally and otherwise) to gain wealth. Morality or everything else becomes secondary issue as far as money is concerned. Government officers, politicians, industrialists, businessmen and everyone are running after money. They don't think twice before making mullah. No matter how, but you have to make money. This is the lesson this modern day world has taught us.

Gone are the days where people remained in illusion with sweet play of words which say,
Money can buy you a bed but not a sleep.
Money can buy you food but not hunger.
Money can not by you relations.
Money can not buy you happiness.

These are all lame excuses for the failures in life those can not make money. In today's world, money can buy you anything. On the other hand, without money you are nowhere. Why money has become such an important aspect of our life?

Think of a common man who can not even get himself treated god forbidden he is ill or suffering from some serious disease. Have you noticed how many life saving pleas are printed in newspapers now a days. Why there is such a huge discrimination between human beings? Some people have all the wealth in the world to support their idiosyncrasy and in the other hand others have difficulty for basic survival.

Money rules above everything. Without money you can not even prove yourself a human being. You need money to raise your children, support their education, you need money to set up a small roof over your head, and you need money to keep your near and dear ones happy. You need money to fulfill their expectation and to prove yourself worthy in their eyes. Maybe that is the reason there is one ancient saying in English,
"If you are rich, you are handsome, intelligent and you sing well too."

How true. If you do not have money you can not sing the song of life. You are a looser and you are a loner. Heart of gold is just a phrase to make you a fool. Who needs a heart of gold? Such hearts have no selling value in the market. It is penniless, worthless and valueless.

You should have tons of gold to be able to get what you want in life, not heart of gold.

दशैका डोबहरु

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