Friday, September 12, 2008

Down the Memory Lane

Life never fails to surprise us. It keep on throwing pleasant or unpleasant surprises at us time and again. Some surprises catch you off hand and make you fall to the ground-flat. Some surprises help you to get up again and move ahead. One such pleasant surprise was a comment followed by a mail from Uddhav Regmi.

Uddhav is one of my closest friends of school life. We studied together from class 3 or 4. He said in the mail that memories are vivid in his mind. Same here Uddhav. We had totally lost contact after we finished school. After such a long time getting an email from him was really really exciting. I did not even know he was in USA.  He sent me a link where I could find some new and old photographs of our batch. Seeing Bijay Lal, Biren Suwal, Satish and Uddhav along with their wife and kids was wonderful. There were some group photographs taken in school while we were in class 5.

I am still trying to find out which one is me.

दशैका डोबहरु

केही वर्ष अघि नेपाल साप्ताहिकको मेरो स्तम्भ बायाँ फन्कोमा प्रकाशित फेरि एकपटक दशैं आएर गयो।  तर यसपटक दशैंमा दुर्ग...