Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clarifying the confusion

Navin writes,
"You have (c) on the header picture….

So far as I could understand under Photography basics), you can not have copyrights of some distinctly recognizable creation of others. Please remove that sign. It is teasing the ethics of photographer and that of your blog. I know that you are a good artist, but I am also aware that you did not create that."

I clear,
"dear nabin,
thanks for the mail. i know the meaning of 'c' circled.that photograph was clicked by me in basantapur durwar square.and pls find the technical specifications of the original picture, which i have cropped and resized to use as the header of my blog:

width: 3456 pixels
height: 2304 pixels
camera: Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
color rep.: sRGB
focal length:75 mm
shutter speed:1/320
Lens aperture F/8
ISO speed: ISO-100
Date picture taken: july 10, 2006/12:27 HRS

hope your confusion is cleared


  1. Khoi dai, kuro bujhnai garo chha ho!
    Yo (c) ko chakkar...

    When I said above lines, I meant that taking picture of other's creation never makes you the holder of (c) for that item.
    My query was whether you can take picture and make it under your right...

    You can have the (c) of your blog, but not the picture. Because the blog is your creation, but the picture is depicting the creation of someone. (This is the huge problem in our world.) If you take picture of Natural things, then may be, you are privileged to have (c). But again, taking picture of masks which are created by some others and having (c)... ?

    I am learning.

  2. Dear Nabin..i am trying to help you out with your confusion. Well for example yarchagumba is an natural asset and suppose you took picture of it. So the picture, you owe it. And in case if someone wants to publish it anywhere then your permisiion is needed. For the same purpose people have begun to write copyright and we should respect them.And i guess there is nothing to understand more about it. :d