Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ram Dai;only in memories now

I am feeling very sad and low since this morning when I heard the news of Ram Thapa's demise. We had spent a long time together while traveling across the country for Nepali Tara. Ever smiling and cheerful Ram Dai, I never saw him getting angry or cross. He used to to entertain everyone with his parodies and folk songs on those long tedious travel.

May you rest in peace, where ever you are Ram Dai.

दशैका डोबहरु

केही वर्ष अघि नेपाल साप्ताहिकको मेरो स्तम्भ बायाँ फन्कोमा प्रकाशित फेरि एकपटक दशैं आएर गयो।  तर यसपटक दशैंमा दुर्ग...