Friday, January 9, 2009

Nostalgia and Navin

I don't know why, I have been remembering Navin Giri, an old friend from my Nabil days. Later on he went to Texas for his pilot training. He was newly wed and his wife accompanied him. After a couple of months, he was assassinated in Texas by some vagabonds trying to rob a departmental store.

Navin was a cheerful, happy go lucky guy. During those days when me, Sanjeev and Binaya had bought motorbikes with much difficulty, Navin would drive around in flashy cars. I remember one particular event. Navin had invested on a Bajaj Tempo, a black three wheeler which a driver would handle. Once we were having dinner at Navin's place. The driver brought back the tempo and went. I don't know what inspired me to suggest that we would go around the city in the tempo. Everyone were excited.

I took the driving seat with Navin, Binay and Sanjeev at the passenger's seat. We had a lot of fun. We went to some colleague's places. I remember Anuradha Sharma thought that I was a driver and paid least attention to me. She had come out and we stayed inside the tempo and chatted. When she realized it was me in the driver's seat, she was shocked out of her wits.

Then we went to Durwar Marg to have ice cream. As I parked the tempo in front of Nirula's, an Indian tourist approached us and asked,
"Solatee chalna hai?"

Impulsively I said it woulld cost him 200 Rs. which he agreed to. I asked my friends to order and wait for me till I did the trip. I paid the bill from that money when I came back.

Navin used to talk about his brother in law Mr. Jeevan Blon's upcoming venture. Mr. Blon was about to set up and Audio Visual production house.
"We will make a Telefilm when it is set up," Navin would often say that. By the time the set up materialized with the name "SAANG", Navin had met with that unfortunate accident. I later on talked with his elder brother Mr. Bijay Giri and we produced a Telefilm. I wrote that film and acted in it too. The first title of the film was dedicated to Navin.

It was "Aafno Kamai", which is still considered as a classic Telefilm. People still occasionally relate me to that and when ever it happens, I remember Navin.


  1. I'm sorry for your friend Navin and what happened with im. But you reminded that telefilm. Really, it's a wonderful telefilm "aafno kamaai". I was young that time when I watched that first time and that I can't forget that.

    Recently, I watched another (old) one about dowry related issue from NTV. It was with a simple story but the presentation was remarkable -in which you started convincing your father to get married with an UPA SACHIV's daughter but that ended up with a KHARDAR in a very funny way. Dear, you have potential, we don't find this kind of films these days. Why don't you produce such films?

  2. Navin Giri and Bijay Giri was My kaka.