Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Claiming undue fame

I prefer to steer away from unnecessary controversies. I believe in letting my work, behavior and act speak for myself. Alas, not everyone agrees to that. Some people tend to gain undue fame from creating controversy. They want to get credit by attaching their name to things which they do not deserve. In this process, I am dragged into them. When people claim fame for what I have done, I think it is my right to stand up and clarify things.

Such one incident has taken place recently. Some other screenplay writer has been self declaring that He is co writing a film with me. Whereas the concerned producer has signed me independently. I am working on that film alone and people have started to acquire free publicity by attaching their name with me. The previous project of that producer(which has been a huge hit) also saw such act. I had written that film almost 5 years back. When it finally went to the floor, they approached a writer to amend some scenes. I was not even informed about it. Neither the producer nor the writer who was trying to put himself on my shoes cared to ask me anything about it. But after the script went haywire, I was approached again by the makers to handle it. I obliged because it is my responsibility to see my creation taking shape of a good film. So I had to rewrite everything again.

I have the copy of my original version, the screwed up version after someone else tried his hands on it and the final version which was made. That is the proof of my claim.(Though I do not need to prove anything). Still I was okay to share the credit in titles but the other writer should know if there are any letters or words of his used in the film, forget about the scenes. Why people claim what they have not done or deserve is beyond my understanding.

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  1. There are many controversial people we come across. Some are vested interest and other are simply because they are not understood properly.
    This one is of course the first category.