Monday, May 4, 2009

PM quits

The prime minister resigned few minutes back. God only knows what is happening in this country. The ego tussle has resulted in a political crisis. I doubt that the Maoists will retreat such easily. This might lead to unforeseen grave scenario in this country. Everything has taken a back seat as such. The dream of permanent peace might become harder to achieve. The making of constitution is already suffering. People are bewildered. If we can not predict what is going to happen in next few hours, how can we think about long term plans. Without them, we will be pushed further back in the race of the world.

I am worried about the future of my daughters. I am worried about what type of country we are giving for the next generation. I am worried about the direction this country is moving. I am worried about the motives of the leaders. I am worried about un countable things.

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