Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Changing Times

Here I am once again, after a long time at Baghbajaar. The place, where I have spent a lot a time earlier when I had a lot of free time to spend. Anil, Sunil, Suman, Sujeet (whom we all called Sahuba affectionately because of his shop), Utsav, Binod and lot more other friends would hang out regularly around this area. Aradhana cafe inside Shrestha Tailoring's compound where we had countless plannings for music videos and films. Some of them materialized, some didn't.

After Years, I have some free time to kill and I am here with a chilled bottle of a cold drink (hope Baba Ramdev is not reading this). I have noticed that a lot of things have changed. The familiar faces are no longer there. Sahuba's gift shop has transformed into a department store and he is no longer seen there. He is involved in an NGO and was saying sometimes back,
"Aajkal byapar nai chhaina, Aba dollar ko kheti garne."

Suman's furniture shop is also not there. Ram Dai has closed his restaurant and no one knows where he is. But Bagbazaar is still abuzz with activities. The faces have changed, new shops have replaced the old ones but the life goes on.

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