Monday, December 5, 2011

bright dawn

Woke up with lot of energy and enthusiasm for life this morning. Although it is still dark outside, I feel that the sun has already come up and shining with its warmth. This is indeed a lovely morning. I was feeling low for some time. Suddenly it feels that some one has waved a magic band and brought me back to my old positive and energetic form. I have to keep up the mood and contribute for that. Good morning braZesh.

यो कलिवुड कि त्यो बाठमाण्डौ र हाठमाण्डौ

कान्तिपुर दैनिकमा सन् २०१०मा प्रकाशित,  चलचित्र निर्माणको लागि एक नम्वर मानिएको छ, अंग्रेजी चलचित्र उद्योग हलिवुड। त्यसपछि आकारको हिस...