Wednesday, December 14, 2011

just because you are a foreigner.....

The incident took place when I was driving by Gwarko Chok. One Maruti gypsy was ahead of me. The traffic police signalled our side to stop and signaled the other side to move ahead. A motorcycle moved ahead. But to my horror, even after seing it, the gypsy moved ahead and crushed the front wheels of the motorcycle. The one driving and the pillion rider fell to the ground. A foreigner was driving the gypsy and instead of coming out to find what damage he had caused, without rolling down the window, he was shouting from inside. When the bike riders asked him what he was trying to do, he rolled the window down and started shouting,
"I do not understand Nepali."
I could not bear it and intervened,
"Do you understand English?"
He said yes.
I was so angry that I told him on his face then,
"You are a What the hell were you trying to do crushing the bike after the traffic cop asked you to stop?"
He was speechless. I felt bad afterwards for using the word but maybe some foreigners believe that they are free to do anything in Nepal.

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