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Some translated poetry

Embassy of Norway had come up with a project around five years back. Few noted poets of Nepal were shown the visuals of Norway and they penned the impressions. I translated the poems in English. I was told that it was for goodwill and a voluntary job. Later some source revealed that there was a hefty budget for the translation, which I never saw. I don't know the truth. I am listing those translations just for record.

1. Midnight Sunshine / Ishwar Ballav

Defying the law of nature
are made the Scandinavian stature
hearts vast as sky
flowers breathing life in them
and soul made of snow

White feathery shapes of
clouds flutter
with the wings of birds
reflection of nature
chorus of melody
reach up to the blue
where the sun emerges in mid night

How very lucky
before anyone else
to see the light
they don't have to wait
for the twilight

Realities tender as heaven
a lass and a child
straight out of fairy tale
poetry penned with snow
Norway, a true replica
of a perfect dream land
country like a sweet ballad

When I am alone, I try
just for you
a country's rhyme
of midnight sunshine

Shoo away my darkness
you have to come
along with your sun rising
for me, you have to sing
your melody of light and dark
wearing the necklace
glittering with snowy spark

2. Painting of Nature / Ramesh Chhitij

Eon back-
sun received a souvenir
the finest masterpiece
ever made by nature

Glittering white mountains
and lakes so serene;
akin to eyes of philosophers
colorful trees and shrubs
racing mountain rivers
frolicking reindeers
carrying a tree of horns
gentle curves of roads
soaked in the shower of snowfall
ocean like a sleeping beauty

The gift was a painting
carved with the art of living

In the mind of ever roaming sun
trying to catch a wink in night
comes the glimpses of all
the painting received;vivid and bright
when everyone is engrossed
in tranquil sleep in mid night
the Norwegian sky opens its window
as the sun admires
the painting bestowed by nature
a quick content peek
before going to sleep

3. Album of Memory / Mani Lohani

Open yourself up
at the end of your teen
paste your eyes in the horizon
and search
amongst the ships
floating in the north sea
for;one of 'em is
full with my love for you

Like a sweet bird's chirping
and a sway like cloud gleaming
it has no definite meaning
but all of 'em are
full with my affection for you

Dwelling in the modern home in Oslo
you might find my feelings alien
it might be like
an ancient picture of a church
visible but vague to your eyes

Search deep in the nooks of yor heart
waves dancing like an eastern nymphet
eyes prancing like never content lover
effigy of stones in your yard
or the frozen one little far
are full of hues
of my love for you

Your deep moist blue eyes
like unfathomable color of sea
twigs covered with snow
or your youth
fluttring wings of the birds
showering the snow from the twigs
or the lad who abandons you
after a brief spell of passion
all are attached with my emotion
I will be content
with a small corner
in your memory

You might find it hard to imagine
a lot of love stories in my country
lie secured in an
album of memory

4. Rays of Angels / Manjul

We both know
the pain of seclusion
what its is to
loose the rays of sun
and the freedom
we both can feel what
the loss of warmth can do
for, you too, are
snow cald like me

How the gloom of darkness
can make the rays vanish
you can feel it the way I do
when such cold lifeless
snow peaks erect in heart
freezing and making us
motionless, lifeless

give me the warmth
of your midnight sun
I long to melt with it
not only in my brightness
even in the night
in my reality
in my dreams
lend me the rays
help me to live
as freely as you

5. Reflection / Bhagirathi Shrestha

I see the magnificent reflection
of your country
under the Nepalese sky
and feel that a layer of earth
have been added to my clay
I bloom like a rhododendron
with the flower of your heart 

You achieved
civilization and culture
and paramount of development
which, along with your pure heart
is your center of attraction

I am feeling you
seeing you
and remembering you
and silently bonding myself
with your lively existence
tough handicapped by my
materialistic achievement
accept the natural beauty
and pristine buds of my feelings
as my humble gift to you

6. Norway / Gobardhan Pooja

The compassionate sun
rises above the Norwegian sky
to appease the birds
made shelterless by the snow

Your snow peaks to me are
as dear as my Everest
your lakes for me are
as serene as my Rara
your Basin and Moose
are no different
than my Yak and Reindeers

City lights
singing birds
petite and shy
seasonal flowers
all bear similarities

Alas! If only there could be
any resemblance between
our ailing hearts forced to flee
in deep, long and dark woods
and you exodus
with abandoned loads of dynamites

7. Tender Than My Heart / Geeta Tripathy

Your crystal blue sky
poured over my heart
like a serene night
soothing and moonlit

Tender than my feeling
quiter than my nature
your green pastures
proudly it peeks
with the snow peaks
matching the stature of my belief

I wish to capture
your century of feelings
woven with compassion
inside my eye lids
entwin them in my dreams
and in my entire life

Never had i seen a wrinkle
in your petite face
no matter
how deep I explored

Feel the pride
in your progeny
dedicated to harmony
bloomed with empathy

Where do I begin to feel you?
from white snow peaks
or lush green hills
or embracing sea waves
or dazzling heart of yours

A never ending queue
of your reflections
are spread across my horizon
and bundled inside my heart
trading my mid day sun
I ask for your keepsake
please quitely send me some
rays of your midnight sun

8. Imagination / Kishore Pahadi

Norway is a canvas
where sun peeks at midnight
jubilant with endless snowfall
I ask my country
how does it feel to have an ocean?

Beautiful and serene
and yet trumpeting
the music of development
when I see a proud Norway
me, a devastated child
crying and suffering from poverty
find my beauty being chased
by the same hunger
my beauty being washed away
by the unbearable pain

where do I find the remedy?
when I see the mermaids
splashing in your waves
maybe we share the same
the search of freedom from our pain

You have made me long
for a heaven Norway

9. Norway / Usha Serchan

Snow flowers swinging on the branches
small birds chirping ad dancing
reminded me of my Thak Khola

White rain across the horizon
connecting the terrain with heaven
gave me the warmth
of my small hilly vilage

Houses decorated
prevailing and
traditional architecture
magnificent churches
are so different
and yet very similar
to my Kathmandu
full of temples and monasteries

We live and die with dreams

Dreams motivate us
dreams make us struggle
there would be no life
if there were no dreams

Neither you nor me
would be there
we would not be there
If there were no dreams

discoveries are dreams realized
there would be no inventions
if there were no dreams

Dreams took us to the moon
dreams will take us to
unimagined achievements

Life would not be there
thinking would not be there
If there were no dreams
nothing would be there

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