Monday, March 12, 2012

why are we judgemental?

i twitted about a meeting with some producer director. my tweets are linked with my facebook page. immediately after the tweet, i was amazed to see one comment which accused me that the new film must be of the same old pattern. it made me think twice. why are we so judgemental about other people? why do we jump to conclusions without knowing anything? there are two sides of every coin and every picture has its other side. but, most of us have our own pre concieved notion about everything in life. it applies to other people, their life and their activities too. it leads us to make prompt decisions and we are very vocal about it. for exapmple, a couple decide to seperate their ways. we immediately take side of whoever is closer to us and start blaming the other one for he failure. not even for an instance do we consider the fact that they might have their own side of story. we think what we prefer to think. we like what we prefer to like and we say what we want to say.
alas...we are not correct all the time.

दशैका डोबहरु

केही वर्ष अघि नेपाल साप्ताहिकको मेरो स्तम्भ बायाँ फन्कोमा प्रकाशित फेरि एकपटक दशैं आएर गयो।  तर यसपटक दशैंमा दुर्ग...