Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Makes Special Days of Life Special?

How many special days are there in a person's entire life?

I do not remember the philosopher's name right now but there was an awesome thinking which I had read many years back.  It said that we have very few special days in our life.
Assuming that an average person has a life of 65 years, it means he lives 23725 days. From that you can deduct 1825 days because a normal person does not have childhood memory from below 5 years. It comes to 21900 days. Yet, most of the days from that huge amount just pass in between. At any given point of life if you try to remember your past, you can only remember few days. Those too- not in detail. It's almost impossible to remember the 24 hours and 60 minutes inside them which makes a single day. We remember only few selected days of our entire life because of certain importance. For example we remember the day we had a first crush, a first infatuation, first love, first kiss, first time we learnt to ride a bicycle, motorbike, car and likewise. Rest just passes in between.

Special days are gems, treasures of our life. What makes a day special might vary from person to person. Your beloved's birthday or your child's birth might be a special day for you.  Or your marriage anniversary might be a special day. These days become special only if you feel the importance and spend it specially. If the importance of such days is not felt, they pass just as any other days out of those 21900 days. It is not the day that is special; it is the way you feel, treat and spend it makes it special. Believe me, there are very few such special days in our life. We should not let them just drift away. We can or not make them special for us or for whom it matters. They can be your beloved, your spouse, your children, your parents or your friends. If you fail to do it, it is even your loss.

Do not let those special days vapor away. They are the true treasures of life and if once gone, they will never come back.


  1. agree that each individual has their own style and thinking to acknowledge the special day and the way of celebration..MNH

  2. if you account for the hours you spend sleeping each day, then the actual number of days you can remember will reduce by at least a third. not sure about no memory below 5 years for a "normal" person. i have at least some memory from when i was 3 or 4, and most of the people i know have the same, and we all feel pretty "normal" :)