Friday, May 3, 2013


I have been dreaming the same thing every night from last week.
I am walking properly without the aid of crutches. Its been almost two months that I am down with a medical problem called 'Bone Marrow Edema' of right knee. It started as a small pain when i walked. I did not take it seriously and continued my normal activities. It grew worse and finally I had to stop.
It is said that bone marrow edema, a swelling in the marrow, takes two to three months to completely heal.
What I have realized after prolonged inactivity is such problems have psychological angle as well. After following the physiotherapy and providing proper rest for the knee, I think I do not have that pain in the knee anymore. But, When I try to walk, the command center of the nerves in brain simply deny. It does not order to step. I am afraid that if I step or put pressure on my right foot, I might again get that pain and result in extended inactivity.
This is a very weird situation. 

जुम्मा चुम्मा दे दे...

मंसिर २ , २०७४ - मलाई पान खान कहिले पनि मन लाग्दैनथ्यो , अझै पनि लाग्दैन । तर त्यस दिन म नयाँ दिल्लीको रिगल भन्ने सिनेम...