Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reaching out to so many people

I had just started blogging and was bit apprehensive about making it public. Whatever I wrote there were entirely my personal perspective. In a way it was like talking to a friend when you are lonely and want to share your feelings. But after mysansar.com linked my blog and posted my writing, I must admit I have reached a huge mass and made a lot of friends. I have been receiving constructive and motivating comments and mails from these friends(known, unknown) all over the world.

I am including few line from Prasanta Sharma's e mail to me.

'It's first time I visited your  "मेरो खेस्रा whatever i feel" felt good to read few of your journal.
Recently I had to go through "Creative Leadership" course since then was kind of interested in reading blogs....esp. nepali blogs.
Couldn't stop writing you coz wanted to say thank you.
I was looking for some inspiration to read (not to write though...)
And got it....
Actually I haven't searched for blogs and this one happened to be.....somehow....'

Let me tell you Prasanta, I am happy that it happened. It feels nice to know when other people appreciate and encourage you. I am grateful to you and a lot others who have mailed me after going through my blog. It is a strange and relatively new kind of experience that you have a lot of people who share your wavelength. And also to receive comments from people who disagree to my percpective and point out different dimensions. They too, in a way help to broaden my thinking. Thanks you all and thank you mysansar.com.

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