Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reaching out to so many people

I had just started blogging and was bit apprehensive about making it public. Whatever I wrote there were entirely my personal perspective. In a way it was like talking to a friend when you are lonely and want to share your feelings. But after linked my blog and posted my writing, I must admit I have reached a huge mass and made a lot of friends. I have been receiving constructive and motivating comments and mails from these friends(known, unknown) all over the world.

I am including few line from Prasanta Sharma's e mail to me.

'It's first time I visited your  "मेरो खेस्रा whatever i feel" felt good to read few of your journal.
Recently I had to go through "Creative Leadership" course since then was kind of interested in reading blogs....esp. nepali blogs.
Couldn't stop writing you coz wanted to say thank you.
I was looking for some inspiration to read (not to write though...)
And got it....
Actually I haven't searched for blogs and this one happened to be.....somehow....'

Let me tell you Prasanta, I am happy that it happened. It feels nice to know when other people appreciate and encourage you. I am grateful to you and a lot others who have mailed me after going through my blog. It is a strange and relatively new kind of experience that you have a lot of people who share your wavelength. And also to receive comments from people who disagree to my percpective and point out different dimensions. They too, in a way help to broaden my thinking. Thanks you all and thank you


  1. I believe this is what….writing is?
    You flow…nevertheless…till end (if you find…)
    Try! try to fly. fly higher that you see around the world…
    Never ever think of horizon or beneath the sac….

    Once and only once you can fly as much as you want.
    Few will think that’s crazy… few will admire your skill…My friend!
    That’s life and that’s the way you fulfill your dream.

    I am a bird today! without any destiny and without any one behind me. I think of North Pole and suddenly stop here at meridian. Couldn’t even think the distance between these two, how could I?
    I am hanged in between two feathers and told to fly. I am doing my Karma.
    Rays of light when fall at my feather, it blooms. Same way as ……in earth….

  2. Brajesh Dai,

    I am one of your fan.
    I am glad to find your blog in here.

    Few lines of my feelings:

    You have (c) on the header picture....
    So far (as I could understand under Photography basics), you can not have copyrights of some distinctly recongnizable creation of others. Please remove that sign. It is teasing the ethics of photographer and that of your blog. I know that you are a good artist, but I am also aware that you did not create that. (My brother Ratna or his friend did.)

    Please Please please have a network. I would be proud to be on your network.


    Blogger Dai.

  3. dear nabin,
    thanks for the mail. i know the meaning of 'c' circled.
    that photograph was clicked by me in basantapur durwar square.and pls find the technical
    specifications of the original picture, which i have cropped and resized to use as the header of my blog:
    width: 3456 pixels
    height: 2304 pixels
    camera: Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
    color rep.: sRGB
    focal length:75 mm
    shutter speed:1/320
    Lens aperture F/8
    ISO speed: ISO-100
    Date picture taken: july 10, 2006/12:27 HRS

    hope your confusion is cleared