Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Ugyen said

After a long time, I met Ugyen Chhopel. I haave repeatedly said that he is the only director Nepali film industry has ever seen. I know that I have rubbed a lot other people in the business with my statement. But it is a truth and I stand by it. Yesterday evening, me and Binod Serchan jammed up with Ugyen. He is worried about the state Nepali film industry is in currently. He has visions and capabilities to execute them. Binod Serchan is another gem of a person and a quality film maker. Ugyen is interested to make a film and Binod jee is keen to produce. This duo has given Trishna and Badal Paree to the industry. I hope they will keep up the enthhusiasm and their 3rd project will materlise. Of course I will be involved in the screenplay and dialogues.

Gosh, the idea excites me.


  1. Wow ! it'a a great news to nepali film industry . best of luck to you all .

  2. Great!
    best of luck of all unit.
    hurry up !!!!!

  3. All The Best!!! And give your best!!! I'm sure You Will!!!