Wednesday, January 25, 2012

stop self immolation

it was a very disturbing piece of news. Scanning the newspaper this morning came as a shock when i read that ten students have threatened to torch themselves,wrapped in national flag to protest the fuel price hike. This extreeme action is no solution dear students. I understand your wrath. Yes, things have affected me as well. I request you not to carry out this foolish action plan of yours. You are the hope, you are the future and under no circumstances should you destroy yourselves like this. We need young people like you living for the country, not dying. Living citizens who care for the country are more important than martyers any day, any time. Your act of self immolation will not affect those ruthless, compassionless politicians whobare self centered. Live for your country, your family, your friends and your countrymen. No night is long enough to last for ever. There is a sunrise after every night. Dont loose hope. Our dawn is about to break. Prepare yourselves to welcome it with hope and enthusiasm. Facing the life is always a greater challange than killing yourselves.

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