Monday, March 5, 2012

Limits Of Rise & Fall

Is there a limit as to how much a person can fall or rise in his own eyes? Probably not. 
Either willingly, or unknowingly, a person takes this roller coaster ride several times during his life. Sometimes, a person lets him go deep down in his own eyes for various reasons. When he/she is sacrificing? Probably yes. Or maybe when being taken for a ride or becoming an emotional fool. Sometimes getting carried over by emotion, sometimes under the misconception of being greater than others and most of the times while letting one's heart rule the head. Logic fails to hammer in the stark reality of life in such instances. And, a person becomes what he is not. It is not only for the yearning of appreciation. Nor it is for the greed of illusion of being superior than others. On top of that there are idiots  who pen poems such as,

"खोज्छन् सबै सुख भनी खै त्यो सुख कहाँ छ,
आफू मिटाइ अरूलाई दिनु महाँ छ"
(true pleasure is in giving to others demolishing yourself)

Alas, when a person realizes that his efforts of self destruction has gone in vain, he/she never gets that real pleasure glorified by flowery words of literature.

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