Friday, January 31, 2014

अज्ञात स्रष्टाहरू

आमधारणा के छ भने स्रष्टा भनेका अर्कै प्रजातिका हुन्छन्, उनीहरूमा खास कुनै प्रकारको 'चिप्स' जडान भएको हुन्छ। त्यसैले उनीहरूको सिर्जनशीलता, कल्पनाशक्ति र अभिव्यक्ति कला अरूको भन्दा पृथक् हुन्छ। जीवन, समाज, घटना र वरपिरिका वातावरणलाई उनीहरू अर्कै आँखाले हेर्छन्। त्यो आँखाले अरू आँखाले देखिनेभन्दा भिन्न तस्बिर देखाउँछ। सम्भवतः छिद्रान्वेषी हुन्छ, उनीहरूको हेराइ, त्यसले गर्दा अरूका आँखामा सामान्य लाग्ने कुरा उनीहरूका लागि विशिष्ट बन्न पुग्छन्।

Monday, January 6, 2014

True Lies

A smart chap got in a fix. He was around Ratnapark area of Kathmandu when he got a call on his cell phone. He had to avoid the person calling, yet not ignore the call. He decided to take advantage of the technology and informed that he was in Pokhara. His lie would have worked if not for a khalasi of a micro-bus behind who was shouting as loud as his vocal chords would permit,

Customer (Dis)Satisfaction

We must have heard or read about a mythological cow named Kamadhenu. Such was the generosity of the cow that you could milk her all the time and she would keep on producing. We must have, sometimes, smirked at the notion of such a cow. How is it possible that a cow would keep on providing uninterrupted and any amount of milk forever? Well if we look at us carefully, the mythology will become a reality. We all are modern day's Kamadhenu.

If Only We Followed Rules

I know that no one will blink an eyelid if I say that I was stuck in traffic. It has become an integral part of our daily routine. One cannot even imagine of a route where hundreds of vehicles are stranded and moving in a snail's pace. Few days back, while going home from work, I was stuck in the traffic for almost an hour. A vehicle which belongs to another era had broken down in the middle of the road. Everything was in complete chaos. The road from was jam packed with vehicles. Everyone seemed to be doing what they wanted. Buses, trucks, micro vans, small cars, big cars, motorcycles and even tractors from both the sides were proudly and openly violating the lane discipline.

Guaranteed to Grin

America is in the air. There are more outlets 'promising' and 'guaranteeing' a green card than the potholes when one goes through Kathmandu valley. One such sprouting outlet had a proud display to lure their prey which stated,
"We have made more than 4000 people win the DV lottery till date."
I was surprised at their guts. Excuse me sirs, you have made them win? How come? Can you explain? How can anyone make such a claim?

Hands and the Man

Amod called. He is a childhood friend for me. We studied in the same school from 2nd grade to the 10th. For others, he is a story writer Amod Dev Bhattarai.  Thanks to the 'superb call quality of the phone call, I could make out some of the words he said,
"Brazesh…hissssss…editor……mute…..New Yorker magazine….silence….get together..hissss….Bhoomi, Lazimapt….noise..Tues….silence….2nd……hissss….Sept……five..hisssss…..thirty….silence."

License to Kill

Don’t panic, the sky is not falling.
Though I am no James Bond, I was handed over the license to kill. Not that I wanted it. I was forced to accept it. I had no choice. It happened last week.

Alluring Addictions

There is one very interesting definition of cigarette. It says "Tobacco rolled pipe of a paper which has fire on one side and a fool on the other." Indeed, only a fool smokes. Before every smokers reading this plan to demonstrate against me, let me admit that I am one of them.  It is such a bad habit, is very addictive and very hard to quit. I have tried to give it up and have succeeded several times. Quitting smoking is so easy that a smoker does it frequently and keeps on doing so.

Never Say Sorry Again

Recently, I nearly proved the medical science to be wrong. It says a human body has two hundred and six pieces of bones. I was about to break that record by breaking few of mines into smaller pieces. Unfortunately it could not happen. I was on a motorcycle and completely on my side. Suddenly a four wheeler appeared like magic from around a corner, completely on wrong side. He seemed to have a turbo engine fixed. His speed was terrifying. It appeared that there was no way I could avoid the head to head crash. Still, I stood on the brakes and he mirrored my action. Miracle saved me. I was infuriated. If that person could impersonate Michael Schumacher on a busy road with heavy traffic, I could impersonate Mike Tyson out of rings. Suddenly the person grinned from one ear to other and uttered a magical five letter word,