Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chasing the Mirage

Few moments back, I went up to the rooftop. Jakkhu, a Tibetan mastiff looked at me with adoring eyes as always. He is four months old now and 17 inches tall. He was just one month old and was 10 inches when we brought him. He is believed to grow up to 27 inches.

Jakkhu has a routine and he strictly adheres to it. Every morning, after the dawn breaks, he needs something to eat. Before that, he heads out to pee and defecate. He has a regular spot out there in the field. We feed him corn flour as per the vet's suggestion. He can not have meat till he is 6 months. Immediately after eating, he climbs the stairs towards the rooftop. He stays there, plays, sleeps in the warm sun, moves towards the shadow of the garden swing which we have kept there when he is hot. Drinks water, chews a really big chew bone and plays with a ball which squeaks when pressed. We feed him again at around 1. When the dusk starts spreading its shadow, Jakkhu starts barking and scratching the door. That's the signal he wants to come down. He has a basket near the stairs. He sits there, looks towards the kitchen and barks. He needs food at about 6. After which, he needs to go out, pee and defecate. Then he comes inside, coils himself in the basket and sleeps.
When I watch him playing with the ball, chewing the bone and spend his whole day in the roof top, I sometimes wonder these little things are enough for him to be happy. But, we human beings need so many things to be happy. The more we achieve, the more we yearn for and none of us is happy or content of what we have. We spend our entire life chasing after the mirage of achievements, one after other.
Wish we could be happy with small things too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some translated poetry

Embassy of Norway had come up with a project around five years back. Few noted poets of Nepal were shown the visuals of Norway and they penned the impressions. I translated the poems in English. I was told that it was for goodwill and a voluntary job. Later some source revealed that there was a hefty budget for the translation, which I never saw. I don't know the truth. I am listing those translations just for record.

1. Midnight Sunshine / Ishwar Ballav

Defying the law of nature
are made the Scandinavian stature
hearts vast as sky
flowers breathing life in them
and soul made of snow

White feathery shapes of
clouds flutter
with the wings of birds
reflection of nature
chorus of melody
reach up to the blue
where the sun emerges in mid night

How very lucky
before anyone else
to see the light
they don't have to wait
for the twilight

Realities tender as heaven
a lass and a child
straight out of fairy tale
poetry penned with snow
Norway, a true replica
of a perfect dream land
country like a sweet ballad

When I am alone, I try
just for you
a country's rhyme
of midnight sunshine

Shoo away my darkness
you have to come
along with your sun rising
for me, you have to sing
your melody of light and dark
wearing the necklace
glittering with snowy spark

2. Painting of Nature / Ramesh Chhitij

Eon back-
sun received a souvenir
the finest masterpiece
ever made by nature

Glittering white mountains
and lakes so serene;
akin to eyes of philosophers
colorful trees and shrubs
racing mountain rivers
frolicking reindeers
carrying a tree of horns
gentle curves of roads
soaked in the shower of snowfall
ocean like a sleeping beauty

The gift was a painting
carved with the art of living

In the mind of ever roaming sun
trying to catch a wink in night
comes the glimpses of all
the painting received;vivid and bright
when everyone is engrossed
in tranquil sleep in mid night
the Norwegian sky opens its window
as the sun admires
the painting bestowed by nature
a quick content peek
before going to sleep

अर्थ, अनर्थ, अर्थ न बर्थ

केही समयअघिको कुरा हो, एउटा समाचारको शीर्षक यस्तो थियो, 'प्रधानमन्त्रीद्वारा कब्जा गरएिको सम्पत्ति फिर्ता गर्न निर्देशन।' शीर्षक मात्र पढ्ने हो भने प्रधानमन्त्रीले सम्पत्ति कब्जा गरेछन् र त्यो फिर्ता गर्नका लागि उनलाई कसैले निर्देशन दिएछ भन्ने अर्थ लाग्ने त्यस समाचारको खास अर्थचाहिँ माओवादीहरूले कब्जा गरेको सम्पत्ति फिर्ता गर्न प्रधानमन्त्रीले निर्देशन दिए भन्ने थियो। त्यस कारण आममान्छेले पनि स्पष्ट बुझ्नका लागि त्यस समाचारको शीर्षक हुनुपथ्र्यो, 'कब्जा गरएिको सम्पत्ति फिर्ता गर्न प्रधानमन्त्रीद्वारा निर्देशन।' अझ स्पष्ट र सटीक शीर्षक हुनुपथ्र्यो, 'माओवादीद्वारा कब्जा गरएिको सम्पत्ति फिर्ता गर्न प्रधानमन्त्रीद्वारा निर्देशन।'

भीरमा जाने गोरू

नेपाल दूर संचारको एउटा प्रिपेड सिम कार्ड लिनु पर्ने बाध्यता (रहरले त उपभोक्ताले गतिलो कुरा खोज्छ, तर बाध्यताले नचाहेको काम पनि गराउँछ) परेर फागुन ६ गते पुल्चोक कार्यालय पुगियो । थाहा भयो, प्रिपेड लिन जाउलाखेल कार्यालय नै जानु पर्छ रे । अरूले सजिलोसंग टोलटोलबाट उपलब्ध गराउने साधारण कुरा नेदूसंले अझै कुनै दुर्लभ जिनिस जस्तो किन बनाएको होला भनेर गम्दै त्यहाँ पुगियो । काउण्टर पछाडि बसेका कर्मचारीहरूको मुस्कान भन्ने कुरास‌ग गोरू बेचेको पनि नाता नपर्ने रहेछ । सवारी चालक अनुमति पत्रको आधारमा सिम दिन नमिल्ने कुरा आँखा तर्दै तिनले बताए । नागरिकता नभै हुन्ने रे । 

ए बाबा, सवारीचालक अनुमति पत्र भनेकै नागरिकताको आधारमा दिइन्छ र त्यसमा नागरिकताको नम्बर पनि हुन्छ भन्दा पनि केहि लागेन । प्रतिस्पर्धामा पछाडि परिसक्दा पनि उपभोक्तालाई सजिलो बनाउने तर्फ कुनै ध्यान नदिने नेदूसंलाई के भन्नु ? सायद अझै पनि मानिस मोबाइल फोनलाई कुनै मायावी र दुर्लभ बस्तु ठान्छन्, बजारमा नेदूसंको नै एकाधिकार छ र जे भने पनि लोप्रे कान लगाएर सिम नलिई सुख्खै छैन भन्ने भ्रम छ उनीहरूलाई । 

आफुलाई परे पनि नचेत्ने हो भने यति मात्र भन्न सकिन्छ,
भीरमा जाने गोरूलाई काँध थाप्न हैन, रामराम मात्र भन्न सकिन्छ ।

रामराम नेपाल दूरसंचार संस्थान

the image we are projecting

State Minister for Health and Population Saroj Kumar Yadav, all drunk, misbehaved with doctors at the emergency ward of Bir Hospital on Sunday night. He verbally abused Dr Binita Joshi and threatened to “kick” and sack her, according to witnesses.

although i have mentally prepared myself for not being surprised, shocked, aghast and frustrated by any news anymore in this country, i am worried. if we look at the recent acts of leaders, ministers, high ranking authorities of various fields, we feel ashamed. ministers ignornat that they need a visa to travel in a foreign country, involved in criminal activities, corruption and abuse of their authority have been making news.

we know how a minister is made in our country. we know what it takes to get appointed to various high ranking positions. but, all those in the world are unaware of the facts. for them, such people are supposed to be the best of their respective fields. in this regard, how would they be judging or evaluating nepal and general nepalese? what is the image are they projecting to the world?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

trying to make my mind

its been a long time that i have spent in movie industry of nepal. starting from an actor of nepal tv's first tele serial 'panchatantra', to a screenplay,dialogue writer of nepali movies, i have come a long way. how successful i was is for the history of nepali films to decide. yet, fate was kind enough for me that most of my ventures were appreciated. the audience have been kind enough to support and motivate me. in my journey as a writer of almost seventy movies, i have had no reasons to sulk. it might be a subject of discussion as to what kind of movies i have been associated with. yes, they were all of main stream. i have no regrets except few of them.

time and again, i have been offered movies as a director as well. everytime, i polietly declined the offers for my personal reason. a director needs to devote much more time to a project than a writer. a writer's job is almost done after the finalization of the script, but a director needs to be involved from the very basic concept formation till the release. i could not afford to devote almost a year for a project as a director when i could (and was) wrapping up 3-4 movies in the same time as a writer. it was a compulsion for me to establish and sustain financially as i had started my life from a big zero, leaving everything behind.

by the grace of god and acceptance of my work by the respected viwers, i am little more comfortable compared to those days now. hence, when i have received one more offer to head the project to put on a director's cap, i am seriously considering to give it a try. if things work and i do it, i dont claim to rewrite the history, shatter the record, change the trend or any such tall claims. all i can promise is an honest attempt. it will not be a senseless copy of any other films. it will not follow any set formulas. without flying heros, without songs, it would be an honest attempt of a good story telling. thats all i can promise at this stage.

hope things work out.

Monday, March 12, 2012

why are we judgemental?

i twitted about a meeting with some producer director. my tweets are linked with my facebook page. immediately after the tweet, i was amazed to see one comment which accused me that the new film must be of the same old pattern. it made me think twice. why are we so judgemental about other people? why do we jump to conclusions without knowing anything? there are two sides of every coin and every picture has its other side. but, most of us have our own pre concieved notion about everything in life. it applies to other people, their life and their activities too. it leads us to make prompt decisions and we are very vocal about it. for exapmple, a couple decide to seperate their ways. we immediately take side of whoever is closer to us and start blaming the other one for he failure. not even for an instance do we consider the fact that they might have their own side of story. we think what we prefer to think. we like what we prefer to like and we say what we want to say.
alas...we are not correct all the time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Makes Special Days of Life Special?

How many special days are there in a person's entire life?

I do not remember the philosopher's name right now but there was an awesome thinking which I had read many years back.  It said that we have very few special days in our life.
Assuming that an average person has a life of 65 years, it means he lives 23725 days. From that you can deduct 1825 days because a normal person does not have childhood memory from below 5 years. It comes to 21900 days. Yet, most of the days from that huge amount just pass in between. At any given point of life if you try to remember your past, you can only remember few days. Those too- not in detail. It's almost impossible to remember the 24 hours and 60 minutes inside them which makes a single day. We remember only few selected days of our entire life because of certain importance. For example we remember the day we had a first crush, a first infatuation, first love, first kiss, first time we learnt to ride a bicycle, motorbike, car and likewise. Rest just passes in between.

Special days are gems, treasures of our life. What makes a day special might vary from person to person. Your beloved's birthday or your child's birth might be a special day for you.  Or your marriage anniversary might be a special day. These days become special only if you feel the importance and spend it specially. If the importance of such days is not felt, they pass just as any other days out of those 21900 days. It is not the day that is special; it is the way you feel, treat and spend it makes it special. Believe me, there are very few such special days in our life. We should not let them just drift away. We can or not make them special for us or for whom it matters. They can be your beloved, your spouse, your children, your parents or your friends. If you fail to do it, it is even your loss.

Do not let those special days vapor away. They are the true treasures of life and if once gone, they will never come back.

Monday, March 5, 2012

फागुको आतंक

२०६८ फागुन २१, नेपाल साप्ताहिकको मेरो स्तम्भ बायाँ फन्को

१७ फागुनको मध्यान्हतिरको कुरा हो। बाटोमा एउटा दिग्दारलाग्दो घटना देखियो। बायाँपट्ट िछेउ लागेर साना नानीहरू हिँडिरहेका थिए। उनीहरू विद्यालयको पोसाकमा थिए। हेर्दा उनीहरू आठ वा नौ कक्षामा पढ्नेजस्ता देखिन्थे। बिहानको स्कुल रहेछ उनीहरूको, त्यसैले भोकले आलसतालस भएर आफ्नो घरतिर फर्किरहेका हुनुपर्छ। बाटोको दायाँपट्ट िकेही उरन्ठेउला केटाहरू पर्खालको शोभा बढाइरहेका थिए। उनीहरूको केशविन्यास, पहिरन र चालढाल पनि अचम्मको थियो। कसैको कपाल जुरेलीको जस्तो थियो, कसैको बीचबीचमा खुर्केको। उनीहरूले लगाएको पाइन्ट चाहिनेभन्दा यति तल बाँधिएको थियो, त्यसलाईर् गुरुत्त्वाकर्षणले कसरी तान्न सकेन भन्ने आफैँमा एउटा अनुसन्धानको विषय हुन सक्थ्यो। कानमा मुन्द्रा त साधारण कुरा भइहाल्यो, त्यसको त के कुरा गर्नु र ! कुनै एउटाले त आँखीभौँ पनि छेड्न भ्याएको थियो। एकापसमा कुराकानी गर्दा पनि उनीहरूको मुखारवृन्दबाट अपशब्दका शब्दकोशहरू नै बर्सिरहेका थिए। एकै वाक्यमा धेरैभन्दा धेरै अपशब्दका लागि पनि गिनिज बुक अफ वल्र्ड रेकर्ड्समा नाम लेखिने भएको भए चन्द्रबहादुर डाँगीपछि पनि अरू थुप्रै सपूतले नेपाललाई विश्वमा चिनाउने थिए।

Limits Of Rise & Fall

Is there a limit as to how much a person can fall or rise in his own eyes? Probably not. 
Either willingly, or unknowingly, a person takes this roller coaster ride several times during his life. Sometimes, a person lets him go deep down in his own eyes for various reasons. When he/she is sacrificing? Probably yes. Or maybe when being taken for a ride or becoming an emotional fool. Sometimes getting carried over by emotion, sometimes under the misconception of being greater than others and most of the times while letting one's heart rule the head. Logic fails to hammer in the stark reality of life in such instances. And, a person becomes what he is not. It is not only for the yearning of appreciation. Nor it is for the greed of illusion of being superior than others. On top of that there are idiots  who pen poems such as,

"खोज्छन् सबै सुख भनी खै त्यो सुख कहाँ छ,
आफू मिटाइ अरूलाई दिनु महाँ छ"
(true pleasure is in giving to others demolishing yourself)

Alas, when a person realizes that his efforts of self destruction has gone in vain, he/she never gets that real pleasure glorified by flowery words of literature.

Friday, March 2, 2012

customer experience

service providers, be that of any type should take utmost care for customer experience. alas, most of them in nepal just dont care about it. their attitude is as if they are doing us consumers a favor by providing the service for which we pay.

had a similar experience at hero honda's service station at baal kumari. since my daughter's exams were going on, she had requested me to take her scooter for servicing. i was told that unless i reach there by 8 AM, it would not be entertained. when i reached there, a sour faced guard was listing vehicles. i was on no 7. then he ordered me to come at 10 again. i asked him why cant i leave the vehicle then?. he said the mechanic arrives at 10 and he will listen to problems. i said that i had no problem, just regular servicing was required. but he said i had to come again at 10. on top of that, it seemed that he was confident tahat a year would be deducted from his lifeline for one smile.

is this the way you do business? making things complicated and difficult for your customers? you guys should know that its us who do a favor to you by using your products not vice versa. the day we stop it, you will be out of business.